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  • Developing relations of industrial cooperation between Arab countries and Turkey;
  • Providing investment opportunities to the public and private sectors and businessmen and businesswomen on both sides;
  • Seeking to expand the technical cooperation and investment prospects in the areas of trade, industry and services;
  • Exchanging expertise and development of human resources, technology transfer and maximum benefit from the privileges of trade agreements signed between the parties;
  • Activating the industrial bilateral and multilateral investment;
  • Developing the existing industries and generating new small and medium industries, especially in chemical and petrochemical industries, iron and steel, cement and construction materials, new and renewable energy, engineering industry, textile and clothing, food industry, electronics and mining industries.
  • Reconstructing the Libyan industrial sector and the establishment of small and medium industries according to the Libya's current and future needs.
  • B2B meetings of Arab businessmen and their counterparts from Libya and Turkey to conclude direct contracts.

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