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Word of HE DG of AIDMO

Mohamed Ben Yousef
Director General

Arab Industrial Development and Mining Organization is honoured to hold the Arab-Turkish Industrial Cooperation Conference “second session” and its accompanying exhibition in Tripoli-Libya throughout the period 7-8 May 2012, in cooperation with the Libyan Ministry of Industry and the Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology under the auspices of Dr. Abdurrahim El-Keib, Prime Minister of the Libyan provisional Government. The Turkish Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Mr. Nabil Arabi Secretary General of the League of Arab States will participate in the opening ceremony of the conference.

The conference aims at developing industrial and investment cooperation between Arab countries and Turkey, in addition to ensuring the participation of Arab and Turkish companies in the reconstruction of Libya after the glorious revolution. In this context, AIDMO has invited Their Excellencies Ministries of industry and investment of Arab countries and Turkey along with high officials, organizations, specialized unions as well as trade and industrial chambers of Arab countries. The Turkish Ministry of Industry has invited similar firms from Turkey and the Libyan Ministry has invited the ones from Libya according to the coordinating plan of the three concerned parties.

AIDMO is pleased to welcome all who wish to participate in this conference of relevant personalities and bodies hoping such conference will achieve its laudable development objectives.

Thank you

Word of HH Min. of S.I.T. of Turkey

Minister of Science, Industry and Technology
Cooperation by all means among the nations should be encouraged to the extent possible in order to construct a better, more prosperous and a peaceful world and to realize the economic and social development targets. This is even more crucial for our countries sharing the same geography. Turkey, who is in favor of developing her relations with all the countries in the world, also attributes a special importance to her relations with the Arab countries. Enlarging the areas of knowledge and experience sharing and the scope of our collaboration will play a critical role not only for the development of our countries but also for the stability in the region.

Ministers of Industry of the Arab League Member Countries convened in İstanbul for the occasion of the 1st Turkish-Arab Industrial Cooperation Conference held on December 6-7, 2011. Since the first conference proves to be very efficient and satisfactory for all the parties, it was agreed that the second conference would be held in May 2012 in Libya.

Platforms like these contribute greatly to the exchange of knowledge and experiences, carrying out joint projects and monitoring them in order to embody the positive acceleration that has raised in many areas between Turkey and Arab League countries in recent years to industry also.

When the need for an industrial reconstruction in Libya is taken into consideration, it goes without saying that organization of such an important event in Libya is a very appropriate decision. Republic of Turkey has always adopted a win-win strategy concerning her relations with the other countries therefore Turkey will take an active role in the development of the Libyan industry, will share the knowledge, and provide all the necessary technical support.

In this context, I sincerely wish that the II. Turkish – Arab Industrial Cooperation Conference shall be very successful and yield very fruitful results for all the parties.

Word of HH Min. of Industry of Libya

HH Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed Futaisi
Minister of Industry of Libya

In the name of Allah, most Merciful, most Passionate,

First of all, we would like to pay tribute to the martyrs of the Revolution of 17th February, who sacrificed their lives to honour their beloved country, Libya. We would like also to pay homage to the injured Libyans and wish them a quick recovery; and we hope the missing Libyans will return home safely. We thank Almighty Allah for crowning this revolution with success.

We will certainly establish new Libya in a bright and shining era through the contribution of their most righteous citizens, and by the support and help of our brothers and our friends. While we congratulate the people of Libya and all the independent from all over the world with their glorious revolution, Libya will be hosting Arab-Turkish industrial cooperation Conference Second Edition over the period 7-8/5/2012.

This conference represents a great opportunity for Turkey and Arab countries to create an industrial development that lays the foundation for the establishment of an industrial bloc with the elements of success and the ability to compete, through exploiting the available potentials in the region to bridge the technology gap and the lack of competitive quality products and incompatibility with international standards systems, in addition to lack of attention paid to human resource development. To meet all these challenges, coordination and integration are essential for the activation of industrial development as a fundamental basis to narrow the widening gap between developing and developed countries. Moreover, the future of Turkish-Arab industry could be promising if the industrial development strategy involves defined axes, which are human resource development, industrial technology transfer and settlement, giving interest to quality and focusing on SMIs, technological incubators as well as metallurgical and mining industries that rely on local input.

The conference will be an opportunity to shed light on the reality of industry in this region through papers to be presented and workshops to be organized as well as meeting between businessmen and industry officials of the participating countries.

We would like to welcome our brothers and friends, our revered guests, wishing them a pleasant stay in their second country free independent Libya 17th February revolution-Libya of the new era, hoping that efforts of everyone would be crowned with success.

Thank you

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